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TS 24.333 (CT1)
Proximity-services (ProSe) Management Objects (MO)

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Rapporteur:  Mrs. Chaponniere, Lena
See also:  ProSe-related TS/TR

The present document defines Management Objects (MO) that are used to configure the ProSe-enabled UE.

The MOs are compatible with the OMA Device Management (DM) protocol specifications, version 1.2 and upwards, and are defined using the OMA DM Device Description Framework (DDF) as described in the Enabler Release Definition OMA-ERELD-DM-V1_2.

The MOs consist of relevant parameters for provisioning and authorisation of ProSe at the ProSe-enabled UE.

The protocol aspects for ProSe are described in TS 24.334.

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1  Scope [R12]PDF-p. 9
2  References [R12]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R12]
4  ProSe Direct Services Provisioning MO [R12]
4.1  Overview
4.2  ProSe Direct Services Provisioning MO parametersPDF-p. 11
4.2.1  General
4.2.2  Node: <X>
4.2.3  <X> /MonitoringPolicyPDF-p. 12Up
4.2.4  <X> /MonitoringPolicy /<X>
4.2.5  <X> /MonitoringPolicy /<X> /PLMN
4.2.6  <X> /MonitoringPolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005
4.2.7  <X> /AnnouncingPolicy
4.2.8  <X> /AnnouncingPolicy /<X>PDF-p. 13
4.2.9  <X> /AnnouncingPolicy /<X> /PLMN
4.2.10  <X> /AnnouncingPolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005
4.2.11  <X> /AnnouncingPolicy /<X> /Range
4.2.12  <X> /ToConRefPDF-p. 14
4.2.13  <X> /ToConRef /<X>Up
4.2.14  <X> /ToConRef /<X> /ConRef
4.2.15  <X> /RestrictedModelAMonitoringPolicy
4.2.16  <X> /RestrictedModelAMonitoringPolicy /<X> [R13]PDF-p. 15
4.2.17  <X> /RestrictedModelAMonitoringPolicy /<X> /PLMN [R13]
4.2.18  <X> /RestrictedModelAMonitoringPolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005 [R13]
4.2.19  <X> /RestrictedModelAAnnouncingPolicy [R13]
4.2.20  <X> /RestrictedModelAAnnouncingPolicy /<X> [R13]
4.2.21  <X> /RestrictedModelAAnnouncingPolicy /<X> /PLMN [R13]PDF-p. 16
4.2.22  <X> /RestrictedModelAAnnouncingPolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005 [R13]
4.2.23  <X> /RestrictedModelAAnnouncingPolicy /<X> /Range [R13]Up
4.2.24  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovererPolicy [R13]PDF-p. 17
4.2.25  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovererPolicy /<X> [R13]
4.2.26  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovererPolicy /<X> /PLMN [R13]
4.2.27  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovererPolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005 [R13]
4.2.28  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovererPolicy /<X> /Range [R13]
4.2.29  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovereePolicy [R13]PDF-p. 18
4.2.30  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovereePolicy /<X> [R13]
4.2.31  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovereePolicy /<X> /PLMN [R13]
4.2.32  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovereePolicy /<X> /ValidityTimerT4005 [R13]PDF-p. 19
4.2.33  <X> /RestrictedModelBDiscovereePolicy /<X> /Range [R13]Up
4.2.34  <X> /ProSeDiscoveryUEIDInfo [R13]
4.2.35  <X> /ProSeDiscoveryUEIDInfo /ProSeDiscoveryUEID [R13]
4.2.36  <X> / ProSeDiscoveryUEIDInfo /ValidityTimerT4015 [R13]PDF-p. 20
4.2.37  <X> /Ext [R13]

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