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6   UE - EPC Network protocols [R8]   PDF-p. 32
6.1   General
6.2   Trusted and Untrusted Accesses
6.3   IP Mobility Mode Selection   PDF-p. 33
6.4   Authentication and authorization for accessing EPC via a trusted non-3GPP access network
6.4.1   General
6.4.1A   TWAN connection modes [R12]   PDF-p. 35
6.4.2   UE procedures      Up
6.4.3   3GPP AAA server procedures   PDF-p. 46
6.4.4   Multiple PDN support for trusted non-3GPP access   PDF-p. 53
6.5   Authentication and authorization for accessing EPC via an untrusted non-3GPP access network   PDF-p. 54
6.6   UE - 3GPP EPC (cdma2000® HRPD Access)   PDF-p. 57
6.7   UE - 3GPP EPC (WiMAX Access)
6.8   Communication over the S14
6.9   Handling of Protocol Configuration Options information
6.10   Integration with access stratum layer of 3GPP access [R12]   PDF-p. 69

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