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TS 24.302 (CT1)
Access to the EPC via non-3GPP access networks

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V15.4.0 (PDF)2018/09  173 p.
V14.8.0  2018/06  155 p.
V13.9.0  2017/12  130 p.
V12.11.0  2015/12  106 p.
V11.7.0  2013/06  64 p.
V10.7.0  2012/03  61 p.
V9.7.0  2011/09  56 p.
V8.10.0  2011/09  53 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Chin, Chen-ho
See also:  EPC-related TS/TRTS 24.502 (Access to 5GS via non-3GPP ANs)

This TS specifies the discovery and network selection procedures for access to 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) via non-3GPP access networks and includes Authentication and Access Authorization using Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) procedures used for the interworking of the 3GPP EPC and the non-3GPP access networks.

This TS also specifies the Tunnel management procedures used for establishing an end-to-end tunnel from the UE to the ePDG to the point of obtaining IP connectivity and includes the selection of the IP mobility mode.