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TS 24.011 (CT1)
Point-to-Point (PP) Short Message Service (SMS) support
on Mobile Radio interface

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V14.2.0 (PDF)    2017/12    132 p.
V13.5.0    2017/12    132 p.
V12.0.0    2014/09    129 p.
V11.1.0    2012/09    129 p.
V10.0.0    2011/03    112 p.
V9.0.1    2010/02    111 p.
V8.2.0    2009/06    111 p.
V7.1.0    2009/06    107 p.
V6.1.0    2005/06    107 p.
V5.2.0    2003/07    107 p.
V4.1.1    2002/06    106 p.
V3.6.0    2001/04    105 p.

Rapporteur:  Ms. Liu, Jennifer
Antecedent:  TS 04.11    
See also:  SMS-related TS/TR    

This TS specifies the procedures used across the mobile radio interface by the signalling layer 3 function Short Message Control (SMC) and Short Message Relay function (SM-RL) for circuit switched in A/Gb mode, GPRS and EPS.

for V13, V14:    Correction to SMS timers in NB-IoT   |   Correction to SMS timers for CE mode UE


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1   Scope [R3]   PDF-p. 8
2   Overview of Short Message Service (SMS) support [R3]
3   Service definition [R3]
4   Void
5   CM-procedures [R3]   PDF-p. 21
5.1   General
5.2   Short Message Control states
5.2.1   SMC-CS states at the MS side of the radio interface
5.2.2   SMC-GP and SMC-EP states at the MS side of the radio interface
5.2.3   SMC-CS states at the network side of the radio interface
5.2.4   SMC-GP and SMC-EP states at the network side of the radio interface
5.3   Short Message Control procedures
5.4   Concatenating short message or notification transfers   PDF-p. 28

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