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6a   PLMN specific interfaces [R3]   PDF-p. 90
6a.1   GCR-specific interface
6a.2   Void
6a.3   LCS-specific interfaces      Up
6a.4   CAMEL-specific interfaces   PDF-p. 92
6a.5   CBS-specific interfaces
6a.6   Number portability specific interfaces
6a.7   IM Subsystem Reference Points [R5]
6a.7.1   Reference Point HSS - CSCF (Cx Reference Point)
6a.7.2   Reference Point CSCF - UE (Gm Reference Point)   PDF-p. 94
6a.7.3   Reference Point MGCF - IMS-MGW (Mn Reference Point)
6a.7.4   Reference Point MGCF - CSCF (Mg Reference Point)
6a.7.5   Void
6a.7.5a   Reference Point AS-MRFC for media control (Cr Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.5b   Reference Point AS-MRFC for session control (Mr' Reference Point) [R9]
6a.7.6   Reference Point CSCF - MRFC (Mr Reference Point)   PDF-p. 95
6a.7.6a   Reference Point MRFC - MRFP (Mp Reference Point)      Up
6a.7.7   Reference Point CSCF - CSCF (Mw Reference Point)
6a.7.8   Void
6a.7.8a   Reference Point CSCF - MRB (ISC Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.9   Void
6a.7.9a   Reference Point AS - MRB (Rc Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.10   Reference Point CSCF - BGCF (Mi reference point)
6a.7.11   Reference Point BGCF - MGCF (Mj reference point)
6a.7.12   Reference Point BGCF/IBCF - BGCF (Mk reference point)   PDF-p. 96
6a.7.13   Reference Point CSCF- SLF (Dx Reference Point)
6a.7.14   Reference Point to IMS media plane (Mb reference point)
6a.7.15   Reference Point S-CSCF - AS (ISC Reference Point)
6a.7.15a   Reference Point E-CSCF - EATF (I4 Reference Point) [R9]      Up
6a.7.15b   Reference Point I-CSCF - EATF (I5 Reference Point) [R9]
6a.7.16   Reference Point HSS - SIP AS or OSA SCS (Sh Reference Point)
6a.7.17   Reference Point HSS - CAMEL IM-SSF (Si Reference Point)
6a.7.18   Reference Point UE - AS (Ut Reference Point) [R6]
6a.7.19   Reference Point AS- SLF (Dh Reference Point) [R6]   PDF-p. 97
6a.7.20   Reference Point CSCF/BGCF - IBCF (Mx Reference Point) [R6]
6a.7.21   Reference Point IBCF - TrGW (Ix Reference Point) [R6]
6a.7.22   Reference Point I-CSCF - AS (Ma Reference Point) [R6]
6a.7.23   Reference Point P-CSCF - IMS Access Gateway (Iq Reference Point) [R7]
6a.7.23a   Reference Point E-CSCF - LRF (Ml Reference Point) [R7]      Up
6a.7.24   Reference Point IBCF - IBCF (Ici Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.25   Reference Point TrGW - TrGW (Izi Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.26   Void
6a.7.27   Reference Point MSC Server - CSCF (I2 Reference Point) [R8]   PDF-p. 98
6a.7.28   Reference Point MSC Server - TAS (I3 Reference Point) [R8]
6a.7.29   Reference Point ICS UE - SCC AS (I1 Reference Point) [R9]
6a.8   Void
6a.9   Reference Points for 3GPP/WLAN Interworking [R6]
6a.10   MBMS specific reference points for GPRS [R6]
6a.11   MBMS specific reference points for EPS [R10]
6a.12   Reference Points for 3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP) [R6]
6a.13   Reference Points for Policy and Charging Control [R7]   PDF-p. 102
6a.13.1   Reference Point PCEF - PCRF/H-PCRF/V-PCRF (Gx Reference Point)
6a.13.2   Reference Point PCRF - Application Function (Rx Reference Point)
6a.13.3   Reference Point SPR - PCRF (Sp Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.4   Reference Point OCS - PCEF (Gy Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.5   Reference Point OFCS - PCEF (Gz Reference Point) [R8]      Up
6a.13.6   Reference Point Trusted non-3GPP IP Access and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxa Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.7   Reference Point ePDG and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxb Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.7a   Reference Point ePDG and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxb* Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.8   Reference point between S-GW and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxc-interface) [R8]
6a.13.9   Reference Point PCRF/VPCRF - BBERF (Gxx Reference Point) [R8]   PDF-p. 103
6a.13.10   Reference Point HPCRF - VPCRF (S9- interface) [R8]
6a.13.11   Reference Point UDR - PCRF (Ud Reference Point) [R10]
6a.13.12   Reference Point TDF - PCRF/H-PCRF/V-PCRF (Sd Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.13   Reference Point OCS - PCRF/H-PCRF (Sy Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.14   Reference Point HNB GW - PCRF/V-PCRF (S15 Reference Point) [R11]      Up
6a.13.15   Reference Point BPCF - PCRF/v-PCRF (S9a Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.16   Reference Point OCS - TDF (Gyn Reference Point) [R12]
6a.13.17   Reference Point OFCS - TDF (Gzn Reference Point) [R12]
6a.13.18   Void
6a.13.19   Reference Point TSSF - PCRF/H-PCRF (St Reference Point) [R13]   PDF-p. 104
6a.13.20   Reference point between PFDF and PCEF (Gw reference point) [R14]
6a.13.21   Reference point between PFDF and TDF (Gwn reference point) [R14]
6a.14   SMSIP specific reference points [R7]
6a.15   User Data Convergence specific reference points [R9]
6a.16   Specific reference points for facilitating communications with packet data networks and applications [R11]
6a.17   GCSE_LTE specific reference points [R12]
6a.18   ProSe specific reference points [R12]
6a.19   Reference points for RAN user plane congestion detection and reporting [R13]

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