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4a  The specific entities of the 3GPP system [R3]
4a.1  The Group Call Register (GCR) entity
4a.3  The Location Services (LCS) entitiesPDF-p. 37
4a.4  CAMEL entities
4a.5  CBS-specific entities
4a.6  Number Portability Specific entities
4a.7  IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) Subsystem entities [R5]
4a.8  Signalling Gateway Function (SGW) [R4]
4a.9  Global Text Telephony Specific entities [R5]
4a.10  Security Gateway (SEG) [R5]PDF-p. 44
4a.11  Application Function (AF) [R6]
4a.13  3GPP/WLAN Interworking entities [R6]
4a.14  Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) specific entities [R6]PDF-p. 45
4a.16  GUP Server [R6]
4a.17  Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) [R7]
4a.18  Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) [R7]PDF-p. 46
4a.19  Support of Short Message Service over generic 3GPP Internet Protocol access (SMSIP) specific entities [R7]

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