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8  Interworking requirements [R6]
9  IP Addressing [R8]PDF-p. 26
10  Interconnection requirements [R8]
11  Support of WebRTC IMS Client access to IMS [R12]
A  Example IP multimedia application scenarios [R5]PDF-p. 31
B  Business models use cases [R8]PDF-p. 34
C  Basic communication cases for IMS networks [R8]PDF-p. 36
D (Normative)  Access to IMS via non-3GPP access [R8]PDF-p. 38Up
E  Example use cases for IMS Inter UE Transfer (i.e. transfer/replication/sharing) [R10]PDF-p. 39
G  Example use cases for IMS-Based Telepresence [R12]PDF-p. 41
H  Support of WebRTC client access to IMS [R12]PDF-p. 42
I  Change historyPDF-p. 47Up

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