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TS 02.86 (SA1)
AoC – Advice of Charge supplementary services – Stage 1

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(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.0.0    1999/06    11 p.
(P) GSM Rel-97 v6.0.0    1998/10    11 p.
(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.0.0    1996/10    12 p.
(W-zip) GSM Phase-2 v4.1.5    1993/10    12 p.

Rapporteur:  DEOL, Amar
Descendant:  TS 22.086    
See also:  AoC-related TS/TR    

This TS describes the supplementary services belonging to the group "Charging Supplementary Services". This group consists of the following two supplementary services:
  • Advice of Charge (Information) (AoCI)
  • Advice of Charge (Charging) (AoCC)


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0   Scope   PDF-p. 5
1   Advice Of Charge (Information) (AoCI)   PDF-p. 6
2   Advice Of Charge (Charging) (AoCC)
A   Change Request History   PDF-p. 10

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