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3GPP-IETF front‑end

for easing access to the 5G standardization

3GPP Rel‑15
06‑2016  →  06‑2018
5G      NR      FRMCS      CAPIF      VR
3GPP Rel‑14
09‑2014  →  06‑2017
CUPS      MCX      V2X      eTV      NFV      SMARTER
3GPP Rel‑13
09‑2012  →  03‑2016
LTE‑Advanced Pro      AAS      LAA      LWA      LWIP
MCPTT      IOPS      CIoT      NB‑IoT      ACDC      FMSS
3GPP Rel‑12
06‑2011  →  03‑2015
ProSe      GCSE_LTE      EVS      WebRTC
3GPP Rel‑11
01‑2010  →  03‑2013
MTC      FBB‑IW      CoMP
3GPP Rel‑10
01‑2009  →  06‑2011
LTE-Advanced      CA      LCLS
3GPP Rel‑9
03‑2008  →  03‑2010
H(e)NB      E‑MBMS
3GPP Rel‑8
01‑2006  →  03‑2009
LTE      EPC      SRVCC      CSFB
3GPP Rel‑7
10‑2003  →  03‑2008
HSPA+      PCC      MMTel      CSICS
3GPP Rel‑6
03‑2000  →  09‑2005
3GPP Rel‑5
05‑2000  →  09‑2002
3GPP Rel‑4
08‑1998  →  06‑2001
3GPP Rel‑3
11‑1996  →  12‑1999

This site acts as a front-end to both 3GPP and IETF major SDOs, by offering consolidated information about their standardization work. There is a full coverage of the technical specifications and reports produced by the 3GPP working groups with a quarterly update, following the TSG Plenary meetings. The drafts also are included, and their status gradually updated.

The IETF defines fundamental protocols used by the 3GPP as well as nearly all other SDOs. In regards to the 3GPP EPS, we can mention    SIP,    Mobile IP,    IPsec,    Diameter,    EAP.