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IETF–3GPP front-end portal

This site aims at promoting the knowledge of the EPS (Evolved Packet System), which was introduced with 3GPP Rel‑8. The original project was known as SAE/LTE, with SAE (System Architecture Evolution) for the new PS Core and LTE (Long‑Term Evolution) for both the new RAT (Radio Access Technology) and the associated RAN (Radio Access Network).

EPS (aka SAE/LTE) the evolved Packet System consisting of EPC and LTE

The standard acronyms for replacing SAE and LTE respectively are EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and E-UTRAN (Evolved UTRAN) but in practice LTE is still largely used to refer to the 4G radio access network and sometimes even to the EPC. In summary, let us note that:   EPS = EPC + LTE.

The site offers consolidated information about all the publications of the IETF (i.e. the RFCs) and the 3GPP (i.e. the technical specifications and reports). The IETF defines fundamental protocols used by the 3GPP as well as nearly all other SDOs (Standards Development Organizations). In regards to the 3GPP EPS, we can mention SIP, Mobile IP, IPsec, Diameter, EAP. There is a full coverage of the technical specifications and reports produced by the 3GPP working groups with a quarterly update, following the TSG Plenary meetings. As an example, LTE is defined in the 36‑series.

The following graph shows the importance of the 3GPP standards, including GSM.

3GPP covers 91.8% of the Worldwide Mobile Market Share

According to the GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) 3GPP covers 91.8% of the worlwide mobile market. The remainder is mostly related to 3GPP2/CDMA, in North-America and Asia.